Chris D Maskell

Hammersmith RiversideI’ve been taking photographs for longer than I care to think, so I guess I have a lot of experience. The first photo I remember taking was of a Dartmoor pony when I was a kid; I used some old TLR roll film camera and the pony bit me, that’s the first lesson, in life you sometimes get bitten.

I studied photography at college, my go to camera was an Olympus OM-1n, cutting edge in those days, after college I graduated to a Bronica ETRS Medium format and did some freelance work; portraiture, weddings, lifestyle and press work.

These days I shoot for pleasure. I tend to mainly shoot Landscape, cityscapes and UrBex but will shoot anything that gets in the way of my lens when the urge is there. I tend to use minimal post processing but am a keen user of HDR when the need arises.




Personal Links:

Google+: Chrisd Maskell 

Twitter: @chrisdmrf

Personal Blog: A Brief Moment in Time

500px: A Brief Moment in Time

Stipple: A Brief Moment in Time



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