About Us

Welcome to TogChat !

Here Members can post questions and photos for #TogChat on Twitter, we run a weekly community Twitter chat for Photographers every Wednesday at 3am and 3pm EST. As well you can find us on Google+ Photography Chat community.

Moderators will select 1 specific topic per week and about 5 questions regarding that specific topic and about 5 photos for constructive feedback. After the start of the chat on Wednesday at 3am and 3pm EST, the Moderators will launch a new question every 5 minutes. The goal is to have an informative and fun chat with fellow Photographers about a specific topic. After the questions of the chat are done, the Moderators will launch a new photo for constructive feedback every 5 minutes. The goal is to provide constructive feedback and learn from fellow Photographers.

Meet the Crew

TogChat is the brain child of Karin du Maire who got it all started back in 2011, to make it happen she brought on people to assist in the endeavor and there been a few different co-hosts over the life span of #TogChat but currently there are 4 co-hosts that are helping out. If your interested in helping out and have ideas and time to make these ideas into reality please use the contact us form or contact @TogChat on twitter.

Founder and main host

Karin du Maire

Gracious Co-Hosts

Anabela Salvador George
Chris D Maskell
Eje Gustafsson
Tom Good

#TogChat on Twitter is every Wednesday at 3am and 3pm EST. EST stands for Eastern Standard Time, which is the current time zone in New York, NY. To find the corresponding time in your time zone, check out timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

At that time go to Twitter, search for #TogChat and join!

Other good websites to keep up with #TogChat that have automatic refresh are
TweetChat and TWebEvent.

Please follow @TogChat on Twitter to get announcements, updates and notifications!


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